Our Partners

Oasis Academy Youth Club and Salford University

The aim is to build a collaborative community project led by Salford University students and local young people from diverse backgrounds. It is young person led community club that promotes participation and leadership through activities. This is seeking to draw upon the Northern European discipline of social pedagogy; a whole person approach that promotes relationships and learning in the ‘life space’, and UK traditions based upon association and social education.

This will lead to a process rather than outcome driven approach, that views young people as resourceful and sharing a community of interests. This means that the approach will reflect the priorities of young people, with an emphasis on inclusion, values and holistic learning. This will enable young leaders to create and run their own activities, in a manner that reflects the priorities of participants. In doing so this will disrupt the traditional adult led delivery and; break down barriers between those who lead and take part, by creating a culture of peer learning and volunteering. Through this process young people will contribute to their own communities.